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Mr.Srinivasan.K Consultant : Dr.Dhanasekar

I got know about recnac oncology clinic through one of my friend who had undergone treatment here. But seriously recnac is one of it’s kind in the city for one of the most scariest disease “CANCER”. Yes when my dad was diagnosed with cancer we lost the total hope and went to so many places and never got any idea on how to take forward and so many even scared us. Then we luckily met Dr. Dhanasekar who explained about each and everything in a realistic way and make us understand the entire problem. He was easily approachable at any time and gave proper guidelines. Thanks to the doctor now the surgery is over and my dad is in immunization and hope with all the further follow ups we will make him free from cancer. As their name suggest this team will definitely reverse cancer and make our lives back. Thanks team for bringing our lives back

Dr.K.Narendra Consultant : Dr.Dhanasekar

I admitted on 1/12/2018 with Acute Desending colon obstruction due to suspected carcinoms. Dr Dhanasekar sir , posted for surgery within 6hours. 25cms of colon was resected C Lt hemi Collectomy. Colon end to end amostosis was nodes were removed. Intra Operational specimens set for frozen biopsy to decide the Extension of desection. We are happy for not having any post operative complications, Particularly costomy, post operative follow up is very patient friendly. We are very thankful to dhanasekar sir and his team.

Nandita Singh Consultant : Dr.Dhanasekar

we had a very nice experience here during diagnosis and treatment period. Right from one to the last everything was very nice which will cherish throughout our life. We sincerely hope you and your team will be doing so much for this humanity

Mr.A.Kamalakannan Consultant : Dr.Balaji

I met Dr.R.Balaji for surgery (Recommended by dr. Bhavgavi) After Radiation & Hemo treatment. After Surgery my bro health is OK. Well treatment given at hospital.Good and Right approach by Doctor and Staffs. Thank you very much for my brother Treatment