Early bird survives breast cancer.

It was a usual mad morning, everyone hurrying to work, school, college and elsewhere. It was just another day in my hectic life. However, there was a difference.

I had been feeling a slight discomfort in my chest, I thought, for a few days. That morning as I dressed I realized the discomfort was in my right breast actually and it looked different from the other. My initial thought was that I must have been bitten by some insect. Through the day the discomfort kept niggling my mind and by evening as I felt no relief, I thought of giving my breast a thorough examination to discover the bite.

When I looked at myself in my bathroom mirror, the right breast looked red and angry. I faintly remembered something that I had heard about breast cancer and did a self examination of my breast. It was sore and I could feel a slight bump in one place.

My irritation turned to fear.

The next day I made it a point to visit my doctor who ordered some tests. The results confirmed my fears. I had breast cancer. My treatment began soon and as with all cancer treatments, I had some bad days. Through it all however, my doctor’s words helped me keep my faith. She said I was lucky as I had caught it early. With the right treatment, I would be able to overcome my breast cancer.

We keep hearing a lot about breast cancer. But do we really know breast cancer?

Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers in women and one of the main causes of death. But it is also one of the easiest to cure if detected early.

If you are over 40 or if you have a family history of breast cancer do the following.

  • Rash and lumps in your breast, upper chest and armpit.
  • Changed skin texture, red and inflamed or puckered/ dimpled breasts, crusting or inversion of nipples.

If you notice anything consult your doctor at the earliest

Have a mammogram once a year.

A mammogram is one of the best methods of detecting breast cancer early. It can detect lumps years before they are big enough to be felt.

Spend some quality time with your breasts. Detect breast cancer early. Let’s beat breast cancer with knowledge and fast action.

Let’s Live.