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RECNAC is an endeavor of four oncologists based in Chennai, trained at four renowned cancer institute’s across the length and breadth of India, who have come together as a team to provide evidence based cancer treatment .We have started our endeavor with the first outpatient clinic at T. Nagar, Chennai where patients afflicted with cancer or with suspicion of the same are evaluated by our team


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Recnac Oncology has a team of doctors with good experience in Oncology.

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For execution of the offered services within the assured time frame and best treatment

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Head And Neck Cancer Head and neck cancers are twice as common in men. Using tobacc
Head & Neck Cancer
Malignant lung tumor characterized by uncontrolled cell growth in tissues of the lung. This growth can spread beyond the lung by process of metastasis. We Doing thoracic surgery is my pas
Thoracic Cancer
Breast cancer happens when normal cells in the breast change and grow out of control. Women sometimes discover they have breast cancer because they find a lump in one of their breasts. Breast cance
Breast Cancer
Symptoms relate to the organ affected and can include obstruction (leading to difficulty swallowing or defecating), abnormal bleeding or other associated problems.
Gastro Intestinal Cancer
Main emphasis is on recent scientific developments in all areas related to genitourinary cancers. Specific areas of interest include clinical research and mechanistic approaches, drug sensitivity a
Genitourinary Cancer
Soft-tissue sarcomas usually do not cause symptoms. Because soft tissue is relatively elastic, tumors can grow rather large, pushing aside normal tissue, before they are felt or cause any problems.
Bone & Soft Tissue Cancer
Specialized field of medicine that focuses on cancers of the female reproductive system, including ovarian cancer, uterine cancer, vaginal cancer, cervical cancer, and vulvar cancer.
Recnac Oncology Clinic RECNAC is an endeavor of four oncologists based in Chennai,

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